Born Again.. 

Said fuck that by the hour..

opened up my mind to the divine presence of the highest power…

Knowing this system can be devoured.. 

Cause the love of this planet is so pure its only ours.. 

But yet im Goin to war.. 

Gettin ready.. 

Reachin for the highest weapon… 

The selective service couldn’t take away these blessings.. 

Like ali.. 

Floating out the cocoon..

My consiousness has beyond bloomed..

My children will understand the message.. 

Of light in the dark..

The dark is your spark. 

Light it up to bring forth the creation that starts.. 

It all.. 

Ignite the engine.. 

Ignition on.. 

Im driven by angels of guidance  …

Ancestral science, black Mayans..

Coexisting in places only seen by constellations and spiritual giants….

I thank you universe for grace and mercy… 

My life and my purpose that has need to be applied in.. 

Im flying lightyears ahead.. I hope to god they see the depths of this manifestation.. My soul is Buried in the ocean floor waiting.. 

Trumpets sounded..

Louie playing.. 

Spread my wings.. 

Angels sangin.. 

Harmonious slayings 

Spirit is noww awakened..

Fly past sharks and eat demons in the way and over there.. 

Still praying to see the air.. 

Create energy thats undeniable as we rise to the clear.. 


Waiting 2 break the water, the waves I’m manifesting bringing thunder and lightning amongst the most divine Daughter.. 

Shout to the sky .. No fear.

Reach the sky.. 

No breach birth.. 

i am.. 


Floating in the sky..

Born again..


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