Living to live faithfully

In the eyes of GOD..

Livin to get this money..

Devil at the door like, you tryna rob??

Ahhhhhh fugg it..

I need to get this money..

To the set..

To get this shit real Quick..

Said so much cash was involved

It’ll feel like a Instant loan from a couple zones…

In & Out then we gone..

Prioritizing the fall..

Thinkin my Demons might Hold interest against me dogg..

You know that payback

James Brown shout..

My nigga it’s on file..

So save that…

Lookin to the sky askin 4 the truth

Distracted by loud

I Can’t think

It might be laced, Cause I feel the need..

To growl..

I’m tryna pay attention

My vision clearer..

But that trigger finger won’t stop  itchin..

Palms allergic to whatever cause they know the mission…

Homies slurring they verbs.

All I know is when this truck stop black mask black gloves is all A Nigga worth…

So if it’s yours I’m sorry but it’s gone hurt..

General on the turf..

Walk around that back first..

Yelled swat just to get on they nerves..

Finished the work…

Came out with too much…

Paid my rent & saved the rest for tuition cuz.

I’m just smokin my trees

Tryna get it by any means

Business at the curb

Tryna double his worth

But what’s the intention of their heart sir??? Where did they start sir??

Makin money to play ya part..

Makin up ya mind these black eyes never lost..

Stockley Carmichael wearing a Ankh with a AK close..

That’s the mind state of the nigga livin with no worth 


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