They say life is what you make it..

But i was given this life who said i wanted to take it

Somebody must trust me cuz every morning im wakin

Facin consequences whether or not i wanna face em

Caught up, My niggas doin time cause cuz feel he cant make it..

Make It??

The new judge like Fake it till they witness

Whats the real definition, when at the end of the day life is still a BUSINESS?

prosecutor said Chronometerphobia nigga 

Snitchin is now a way to keep my community wit no vision..

No wonder they know if you goin to jail, before you can even write a complete sentence

And For some odd reason after 86′ everybody father missin

I wonder if this is the stability dat Martin and X visioned..

Even the world got in their mind to two different mental positions..

After dat Huey said lets educate and fight for what is given

Later caught in a TRAP trippin…

killed tryna feed his habits dat he was kickin’

unborn children already statistics..

Even tho they daddy was raised around the genius ignorant

Lack of knowledge.. 

everybody in da same book tryna get from in it whatchamacallit 

Turnin on my own brother… Excuse me my excuse for this is… oppurtunities dont come in by the minute..

& Gettin paid by the hour is just the minimum…  

So what can we do???

Even if that questioned is answered is our society ready to change moods? 

Capitalism might die so cool.. 

The system runnin the simulation for the vain.. 

No more askin’ we asked in the 70’s an made a little gain’

They took the 80’s with chains of crack cocaine’


Ready to take over, no questions asked

“Pickin da lock, kickin in the door and we ready to blast”..

Red and Blue Bangin on wax in the West, Im like i know this is gone last

Fight The Power #1 Song in the country..Malcolm X Movie is uplifting the mass..

Reparations is past due, we want everything cuz they say we “Niggas 4 Life” too…

Tupac is Speakin Strictly for My Never Ignornant Gettin Goals Accomplished…Yea dats me and u..

Fear of a Black Planet is something we could get used too..

Rodney Got beat for no reason and i wonder what happened to those boys in blue..

Same shit happening in 2022.. 

at the end of the day how can i change my life to rule..

How can i be the one that will be able to change to king from fool.

Dont wanna sit in a cell cuz thats the hand given to me right after im born.. 

Seein the dark faces of the scorned.. 

when will we see the light pour… 

Will i be the one to change this world from the Karma allured..

Change these clouds of idk.. 

To peace is future for more

Or will they continue to run up the score.. 

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