Thinkin of regrets as it plays here..

lighting of backwoods & rollin Zigs

Questioning myself: Am i the man They wanna forget ??

or am i them that looks like their life has no bets??

Gambled on life and play my hand with strategic steps..

We ain’t da same..

Ya full of games like they presented Sega…

Ive been sick and sick of bein tired of callin omega…

to come and get us out of this situation that plagues us

So I got off my ass & told em, I got dis.. Deviant

Now u see us…

Huey & Bobby Raised up…

mentally, & financially..

Top down thanking GOD for this type of mentality..

For this gift..

Of clocking grip..

Cuz I never give af, if what they say was they meant…

Been Focused on a mission since

Ever since I could remember bitch..

so I been past ya bullshit..

Lookin at these broke niggas like oooo I’m a kill em..

& OG said Stay focus lil nigga…


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