Empathy Versus Being an Empath

urban goddess

“You are energetically volunteering to take on anothers emotions and feel them as your own. Who truly want’s that everyday?”

Everyone has the capability to possess empathy. Empathy is seeing a little child scrape their knee and see them cry and recognize what that feeling is like, or seeing a natural disaster occur and seeing people in despair and confusion. Empathy even exists in other situations less extreme like seeing a homeless individual begging for money for food or a place to stay, or a friend that had a family member pass away and you remember what that felt like also. Many of us may have been there and we know what that’s like. The dictionary definition of empathy is thepsychologicalidentificationwithorvicariousexperiencingofthefeelings,thoughts,orattitudesofanother.”

Having empathy and being an empath are two separate scenarios.

Let me continue to…

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