uncle phil

She made it towards my way..

Either I was high enough.. Or she made a mistake.

She asked how do you have horns and a halo?

Wings of a god but it seems you can’t fly tho..

Asked how you figure?

She said your walkin amongst the shallow and the non living..

inhaled forbidden fruit inside a grape swisher..

answered as a human

Well U know..

They tell me I’m just a Nigga..

Looked at me with a confused face and flew away..

I mean, What was I too say??

Wanted to greet her with open arms but I inhaled my Kush and let her fly away..

I tried to guide the smoke towards her so she could understand my ways..

Maybe if we made contact it’ll explain why my eyes hazed..

I stared at her in amazement..

She turned around and said your bound to be amazing..

But u still entertain the flagrant..

Figured I was high AF so I asked where she was headed?

She told me I would know as soon I’m finished..

Finished what??

Finished Being diminished…

Finished being a statistic..

Finished Being a Nigga..

Said King, Your only entitled to your own existence

And Flew off in the distance

Her wings could emasculate the fables that tell you they’re real..


I had the chance to make an impression..

too pressed to find my lighter so this stress could get killed..

Asking tha lord to help..

but placing in it this joint hoping that it will.

With this Fat ass Phil..

My mind drifts into the most prominent

As I swerve back with this Henn..

To make it all make sense.

Like will I get my change.

Or will I change..

Askin god for her name

And a receipt for the moment cuz I need It again..

I wanted speak of the world’s  constraint..

and what’s her vision of how it ain’t..

But I guess I’ll just have to wait..

Where’s my lighter my nigga?

Where’s my lighter?


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