flat1000x1000075fRiches is the road..
Fuck left..
Let’s get it right..
takes two…
To get to 4..
Living life on hell no..
I wish you would..
Stack up Mo..
Stop worrying about that bullshit hoe
get yo money multiply the sum of it..
By yo growth ..
Take that and get some action..
Take advantage of that blessing not crashing..
Woke up my foot on the gas and nigga I’m mashing.
Cookin it up and know it’s sold..
It’ll sell like it need to go..
I been in and still on..
Before I fall im going gold..

Riding a wave I control..
patience of god within my soul..
Never know..
When or no..
So we just go..
Further than
cause less than is a hell no..
Riding with the elevation..
Floatin over the competition I’m 2 gone.
Makin it known..
Im the greatest
Take yo situation and grow
My bible stuck on psalms 91..
Kissing on it..
Tryna live it right but it aint promised son..
So we just runnin..
Runnin for money
Runnin for tha soul to relinquish somethin..
Only time knows..
Only space i got for..
Is money, the feds know..
But i duck em, shake em, break em, like hoes..
They just there for the throne.
But Im on it like..
Baby come on..
They be lying…
Niggas we gone see.
It’s a king thang..
Fuck all you Niggas..
I’m on to things…
Something wrong with these beings..
Being functions of a scene..
Losing thier time to build their role..
Livin with no limits like master p on..
On top of the world for the purpose its mine..
Livin vicariously through god..
Tryna surpass the devil through my..
Mind and concentration..
Never waitin..

Say hello to the bad guy as my soul waves…

My ego says hi..


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