Time is gone.
Disappointed from what was shown.
Alone buried in loans..
Borrowed by her mind..
now it’s blown..
Out of proportion..
forcing fire into the ocean..
With forgiveness and emotions..
She said she just wanted a getaway..
Got involved with the motions..
Swaying side to side..
like how u focus?
Staring at the bottom line like I know this..
Then They tell you Yo vision broken..
Open Yo eyes..
wake up homie..
Them locust provoking the gods with the intention to make u just March and protest.
Moses smoking a thousand bushes and years..
Looking at the world collapse in my rearview mirror..
Still here..
On a mission for the next day and night with my peers
But them souls lost the game here..
Rest in peace as we strive for a better mirror…
For Lear jets and belvedere..
Hail Mary blasting shedding many tears..
Because it’s nothing like peace..
but they killed her for fear…

King intention
Tell ya soul to glow.
Watch it shine..

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